The big five-oh weekend has arrived! The week was an absolute stunner in terms of new music, can’t wait for y’all to get your ears on this – enjoy!

Artist: Love In The Circus
Track: Clouds (Kursa RMX)

Kursa absolutely nailed this remix, I was damn near speechless after this one – brace thyself

Artist: Lewis X Gylzey
Track: Aries

What’s that you say? 2 of my current favorite’s have teamed up? And yes, it’s badass – dat melody tho

Artist: RefraQ
Track: i

An absolute masterpiece from newly found and quickly favorite RefraQ. This is from an upcoming concept album “Telling the story of a futuristic city, controlled by machines, where 2 characters manage to escape and start a new life, supposedly away from danger”.

Artist: Snubluck
Track: Melt Together

Snubluck is a long time favorite of mine, and he somehow over the years has continued to grow as an artist without loosing his signature feel – hats off to him for that

Artist: KEOTA
Track: Knowing

Yet another fantastic new find for me this week is KEOTA, check this lovely bit of 140 goodness – grab that free DL while you’re at it

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