SXSW Wrapup – Our Favorite Shows

SXSW_Logo_Square So how do you sum up SXSW. Nine days, hundreds of venues thousands of artists, hundreds of thousands fans. I’ve had a crew of people all over the city and still we’ve seen only a fraction of what this past week in Austin had to offer. What we did accomplish was a massive amount of walking, eating truck tacos, imbibing free drinks, enjoying amazing shows, and doing a lions share of networking. So how can I sum this up? I decided to ask the crew for their favorite shows that they wandered into. A short recap of those who peeled back our minds and showed us a great time with their performance. With this we give you a countdown of our top ten.

illenium 10. Illenium

We ran into Illenium over at the Air Up There Show put on by Gravitas Recordings and Banjos to Beats. Friday it decided to rain but that couldn’t keep people away from the rooftop where Illenium was playing. Dropping several of his already celebrated tracks and unleashing a few unreleased bombs on us.

Sweaterbeats 9. Sweater Beats

We ran in to this blog favorite over at the inaugural Monster Outbreak House. With the full crew in effect we got to completely go nuts as Sweater Beats improved the energy of the venue. Not only is he an impressive producer he also has the DJ skills to translate his flavor around a live show mixing in a large portion of his own beats with others that influence him.

StéLouse 8. StéLouse

We heard about the Hebinomichi showcase over at the Madison earlier in the day on Tuesday so of course we had to stop by. The venue was intimate the line up was all artists we liked and show was exactly what SXSW should be about finding artists you haven’t seen before. While the whole night was great and StéLouse put one hell of a show.

BigChocolate 7. Big Chocolate

Big Chocolate was a sheer surprise that we ran across at the Monster Outbreak House. My interest was peaked by checking out his Soundcloud profile before the show but it was peaked again once this majestically bearded man appeared on stage before us. What we got was an expressive, dark, emotional show that traveled thought and defied many genres.

BronzeWhale6. Bronze Whale

Music Is Our Weapon put on a terrific showcase at the legendary Austin venue Plush and with several great names. However it was Bronze Whale came in and threw down the gauntlet hard. These indietronica hit makers not only dropped a set containing their own blazing sound but plenty of hot reinforcement from fellow producers wrapped up in one great DJ set.

ryan-hemsworth 5. Ryan Hemsworth

Hype Hotel was a constant fixture and the source for great entertainment from the stage to the Taco Bell container to the playable Mazda car. However the Saturday show at the Hype Hotel with Ryan Hemsworth was on fire. Weaving in samples and locking on to grooves Ryan showed that he had what it took to own that stage.

Grieves 4. Grieves

Friday was rainy and cold and one hell of a crazy day. The crowds didn’t stop because of the weather and it’s a good thing because SXSW was still fully cranking. The Rhymesayers 20th anniversary showcase went off at the Mohawk and amidst the flurry of talent on that stage Grieves shined. Soulful, funky and on point he showed why he belongs with the awesome long standing talent that he calls label mates.

elliphant1 3. Elliphant

Elliphant was playing to an enthusiastic day crowd over at the Pandora stage. It was incredibly easy to get close to the performance and Ellinor Olovsdotter was playfully charming the crowd between songs. Hearing Elliphant perform live was incredible. Even though it was a smaller show, the energy was high and the vibe was incredible. It felt like we were all there to support our homegirl instead of a major festival showcase.

Odesza 2. Odesza

How could you not have caught an Odesza show this past week in Austin. The hard working duo seemed to have played at least two shows a day during the festival. We where lucky to catch them early on in the week over at the Hype Hotel. This hard working duo has won over fans by consistently cranking out quality tunes. That quality shined through in their live performances.

Hermitude1. Hermitude

So yeah the third one from the same night at Monster Outbreak House. Monster is living up to it’s mission about “Discovering What is next” For their first time to SXSW they knocked it out of the park. Hermitude being what really sealed the deal for most of the staff. It was pretty unanimous for those of us there that this was the best show we witnessed during the madness that is SXSW.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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