STINT gives “Body” a Workover

Body SC Art Concept LA-based, by way of Vancouver, Ajay Bhattacharyya AKA STINT returns after his successful remix of Young the Giant’s single “Mind Over Matter,” which is nearing the 1 million mark across his social channels. Today STINT is linking up with American Singer and pianist Niia to turn her seductive single “Body” into an addictive and smooth production rework which effortlessly flows over her seductive lyrics.

Stint Remarks, I’d been grinding away on a lot of projects with other artists that still haven’t been released. I began feeling like I needed to put out something for catharsis creatively, and to let the internet know I wasn’t dead or stranded on an island. A couple of weeks ago a friend sent me this track Body by Niia and I immediately had an idea for a track. It’s not often that songs come easy to me, but this one seemed to happen naturally. I feel like the lyrics speak for themselves and I didn’t want to overshadow or let the production do anything more or less. What’s funny to me is that the vibe feels so live and smooth, and yet a lot of the instruments are heavily edited samples. No live drums, bass, guitar, or trumpet were actually played. It’s just this complex mosaic of tiny edits to make something feel wholly simple and natural. Read into that as much as you will…

You also might have seen his name on production duties for Gallant’s latest single “Open Up”. It’s been a good week for STINT and he’s got a whole lot more in the pipeline to share. Stay tuned, we hope you like the music and support!

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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