PLS&TY Puts a Future Flip On “Promiscuous” By Nelly Furtado & Timbaland

19 year old DJ/Producer Tommy Leas, more commonly referred to as PLS&TY, just released a massive new Nelly Furtado flip that absolutely bangs. Starting off he takes a relaxed approach, minorly tweaking the original’s backing production with some new keys, synths and bass but as the chorus comes into play the future vibes soak up all the attention. Huge in-your-face synthesizers and minorly chopped vox from the original along with some trapped out drums and hard hitting kicks. This is my first taste of PLS&TY’s but it leaves me wanting more from the upcoming producer – PLEASE release more music soon and THANKYOU for giving away this one for Free download!

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Posted By: RCD

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