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musicvideos Still in the midst of SXSW madness. My wrists are covered in bands, pockets are full of stickers, flyers, and demos, and I’m pretty sure I can’t remember what my house looks like. So while I hole up in this dark corner of Austin’s 6th street and remind myself it’s only Thursday I started digging for some music videos. The first one I came across was for “Trap Shit V20” by ƱZ which makes me smile because we where just discussing him last night. It’s a fun dark ‘tronish’ dance video. From trap we turn to hip-hop with MAHD‘s new video for “Got Damn” dealing with some more serious relationship points. Despite the heavyness of the subject matter the music, rapping, and video are all on point. Wrapping this up we have Major Lazer’s newest member Cadenza giving us a living room centered view for his track “Electric Blocks”. Watch, enjoy, and I’m going to put my sunglasses back on and wander to find more live tunes.

︻ ƱZ ︻ Trap Shit V20 –

MAHD – Got Damn (Prod. Original Foreign)

Cadenza – Electric Blocks ft. Fem Fel

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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