Mao Ra Sun & Lulu James Won’t Take You Back

MRS - IWTYB The enigmatic Mao Ra Sun (Facebook, Soundcloud) are a production/performing duo making forward club-derived music out of the U.K. Belonging to a new generation of songwriters and beatmakers ––who, thanks to being weaned on the Internet, cull from the best of dance-music history and then reshape it in the image of now. Indeed, it’s not that the sounds of Mao Ra Sun resemble those artists as much as they share their genre-defying passion. In Mao Ra Sun’s universe, lush soundscapes do battle with the speaker-shuddering rumble of contemporary bass, timeless soul, and just enough left field iconoclasm to keep the grooves fromage free.

So, behind the evocative beats and the imagery, just who are Mao Ra Sun? All they’re saying is that they’re “two guys from a town an hour south of London who’ve been huddled over synths, DJing and making beats for a minute. We’re not trying to be overly mysterious in not revealing our identities,” says one of Mao Ra Sun. “It’s not a Banksy stunt; it’s more that we loved that moment in rave/electronic music culture when anonymity was prized – when you loved the track, not the persona. And when Burial withheld his identity, it was the same thing: you might’ve been curious who it was, sure, but most of all you focused on the music. We want our music to speak for itself first before we do.”

Today the pair, link up with the UK’s leading lady Lulu James (Facebook, Soundcloud) on “I Won’t Take You Back” a fusion of dreamy synths, pulsating basslines and sultry vocals. The guys share that “The instrumental of ‘I Won¹t Take You Back¹ was our ode to Control era Janet Jackson slow jams, as soon as Lulu laid her vocals down it took it to a whole new level though. Enjoy, love is love xMRS.”

Stay tuned for their debut album on the way and in the meantime grab all your music updates over at

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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