ETC! ETC! & Tha Trickaz Bring That Supa Hot Fire

etcetc_thatrickaz_supa_hot_fire_art_1400px Tha Trickaz’ (Facebook, Soundcloud) deliberate hip-hop and dubstep crossover philosophy has laid a path only the brave are willing to follow and ETC! ETC! (Facebook, Soundcloud) made a name for himself by successfully forging a path through the trap game. The result of this collaboration on “Supa Hot Fire” is a Frankenstein creation loaded with so much bass it’s capable of burning the clothes right off your body. The track leads with a collection of detailed trap tricks but when the drop hits it turns into a completely new kind of sound. It moves through aggressive dubstep style synth arrangements, but the trap sound create a bounce that immediately puts swag in your step with gas-can in one hand and a match in the other.

ETC! ETC! gravitates his aural attention onto anything that moves the room. First attracted to electro house for the big bass and floor-shattering fast-paced BPM, ETC!ETC! started to shift his focus to moombahton in early 2011 and started making an impact on the scene almost immediately. As of late, ETC!ETC! has achieved rockstar status, producing some of the “heaviest, most intense Trap songs ever created,” according to
Hailing from Paris, France, Tha Trickaz is is comprised of Pho from the Dirtyphonics and Dj iRaize from Tha New Team. Their sound is a hybrid futuristic combination of bass music, hip-hop, trap, and epic orchestral soundtrack influences. Their show is a unique experience: by playing heavy beats on pads, rumbling basses on synths, and scratch samples on turntables, Tha Trickaz redefines the concept of “live” in Electronic Music. The two masked producers use their machines like real instruments and always drive crowds crazy.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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