Eastghost’s “Omniscient, They” Is Superb

Eastghost - Omniscient TheyEASTGHOST’s “Omniscient, They” is a masterpiece of an album. The production is raw, powerful, heartwrenching, intricate, unique, and memorable.

The range of emotion and complete disregard for what the word “genre” even means, makes this an engaging listen from start, to finish, to rewind and repeat.

This is the kind of album that deserves your full attention, and I highly recommend listening to its entirety with a good pair of headphones.

This album was just released via STYLSS. You can purchase the digital release here and stream it on Bandcamp or Soundcloud for free.

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The album begins with “Wraith” – a slow and ambient crescendo that sets the unique tone, while haunting pianos twinkle in the atmosphere. This is where you will first be introduced to the power of this musical journey. If I described this any further, it would be considered spoilers for a release so theatrical.

“Out of my hands” takes things back a notch with a beautiful soundscape that starts out simple. Piece by piece, a layer of sound is added to the mix. Percussion, horns, pianos, and synths all combine to a climactic point that is swept away by dreamy vocal loops and a driving kick drum. Dreamy atmosphere aside, and to be simple; this song bangs.

Completely shifting gears, “Flint Hills” is composed of a a guitar recording and low-fi, spaced out drums. It’s a much needed break after the previous ten minutes of relentless, hard hitting introduction songs.

“Lichen” takes you into a peaceful meadow with its crafted atmosphere of nature and reverb. The floating sounds are soon joined by a head bobbing drum beat and vocal chops. Staying true to his progressive and unexpected style, EASTGHOST sets the field ablaze in an apocalyptic drop. “HE APPEARED”

“Kokytos (feat. Jenae Liberty)” is a haunting break, replacing the intensity of the last song with a foreboding monologue and dark church bells.

Every time I listen to “Lethe” I get chills multiple times. For all of my favorite albums, there is one song that really locks it in. While this album covers too wide of a range to even pick one favorite, this one really got me on the first listen. The dynamic range is incredible and will leave you breathless by the end.

“Omniscient, They” is an immediate reminder of why it’s impossible to pick just one favorite song from this album. The message “All Your Gods Are Here” repeats over a slow build with just enough groove to get your head bobbing. The build washes away, only to begin with renewed intensity which continues to gather momentum and energy into what is easily the most climactic drop I’ve heard so far this year.

After all of the madness, “Charons Cacophony” provides a glimpse of peace and resolution. A calming piano piece plays in the background of glitched and warped vocals, joined by quiet guitar chords. Out of nowhere, the final scene is interrupted by synths and drums as EASTGHOST rips the universe apart once more in a catastrophic cacophony of aural destruction.

This is an album to be carefully listened to again and again to fully appreciate. The intricacy and detail put into its entirety makes for an interesting playthrough every time, with more and more to be noticed. I highly recommend checking out the full stream via Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

If you really dig the album, support EASTGHOST and purchase the digital release here. Follow EASTGHOST on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up new tunes and updates.

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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