Deon Custom Flips Rustie In The Best Way Possible

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.08.31 PM
This is my first real time thoroughly looking into Deon Custom’s music and I am now a huge fan. His latest release is a massive Future bass remix of Rustie’s track “Triadzz” that must be listened to – it’s too good to miss. This is literally my favorite remix of the month due to incredibly potent lead synth, smacking drum section and just how hugely infused this flip is with bass. All in all, if this is your first time checking out Deon Custom you are in for a treat because this song is seriously amazing. Rustie needs to get his on this one, he’d love all the crazy sound design and textures brought to the table by the up-and-coming Dordrecht, Netherlands based musician. Don’t sleep on this one, be sure to cop your Free Download.

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Posted By: RCD

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