Black Marble Collective Drops The Beginning LP

Black Marble - The Beginning LP
Black Marble is an upcoming L.A. based record label and artist collective that is dedicated to supporting the best producers worldwide in the Future Beat / Jersey Club / Chillwave scene. They’ve just geared up to release their debut compilation, The Beginning LP and I was thoroughly entertained by the fascinating, always-changing sound scape + sub-genres from track to track. This project will keep you on your toes, check out my three favorite records off of Black Marble’s debut release [it was hard to choose but it had to be done] and stream the compilation in full right here.


For starters, the opening track “Plinko” by Thomas Gordon is a hyper, Wave Racer inspired record that happily bounces with trapped out 8-bit vibes. Truly the perfect song to open the compilation with, IMO.


Second favorite joint off this project is Goldwater’s awesome flip of Ekali’s record “Unfaithful.” This is my first impression of Goldwater but the chilled out atmospheric vibes he layered his remix with set me in stone as a fan of his music 100% – incredible remix that deserves your attention. This is my favorite song on the entire The Beginning LP.


Glacci seriously went in on “Turquoise” spacey, trapped out vibes linger throughout this track and I can’t get enough of it. I also really dig the obscure, somewhat creepy sample choices; gun clicks, squishing sounds, what sounds like an OG lazer, and so much more.

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