Tribe Society Become Lokal Legend’s


Lokal Legend (Facebook, Soundcloud) is pleased to introduce, Tribe Society (Facebook, Soundcloud). Setting up an upcoming mixtape full of re-imagined songs, musical interludes and originals, the band drops their rendition of Young Thug’s infamous red-eyed anthem “Stoner.” Taking the original trap anthem and transforming it into a multi-layered soundscape, the rendition experimentally combines guitars, 808’s, flutes, synths, live drums and crooning vocals.

Rami Samir Afuni, Lokal Legend founder said of Tribe Society: “Meeting the band, I was blown away by their extraordinary musicianship both live and on tape. The upcoming mixtape, in it’s 31 minute gapless form, echoes Dark Side Of The Moon vibes and fully unleashes their majestic sound.”

“With the world wrapped up in trap fetish, we wanted to redress our favorite stoner anthem in a rock outfit.” – Tribe Society

Tribe Society’s ‘Stoner’ is the first track off their upcoming mixtape “Delirium Sonata”

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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