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realcosbyapolloOne of the great things about being with Waxhole for a few years is catching artists from the jump and watching them grow and flourish with their own musical accomplishments.  Below are three artists who represent these artists in the three phases of our following.  Real Cosby, we’ve been with since the jump (may have been first to blog him, but I’m not sure), since way back in 2012.  Then there is HeavyxMellow, or Evv as he was known back in the day who we’ve also been following since the jump but is just now flourishing with hit tune after hit tune.  Finally SNOWDENNE from the Hebinomichi crew who I have just been introduced to and am expecting some great things to come, based on this first EP.


Real Cosby (Soundcloud, Twitter) starts us off with his new tune released off Shoeboxx Recordings, the label he co-runs with the dude Babyshoe.  Now this tune might be a little more fast-paced or frenetic than you’re used to with Cosby’s stuff, but for me, I like this change-up.  Sure the more chill stuff is what hooked me from the jump, but this variance of BPM and style and the fact that he carries it off with aplomb is great for a fan of him and his music to see.

Ok, so SNOWDENNE (Soundcloud) is not exactly friends or fam as I’d never heard of her before this EP, but I count the dope Hebinomichi crew as friends, and they are who has brought us this really nice and tidy EP. Some vibey and feel good stuff on the entire EP (HERE), but this one, the 2nd on the EP, is my favorite thus far.

HeaxyxMellow (Soundcloud, Twitter) who we debuted to you all as Evv last year with this dope dope cover of Skream is now releasing tunes at a furious clip.  Knowing how this dude works, he’s got half-thought out WIP’s that blow many people’s opuses (opusii?) away and so now that I can see some of these ideas and WIP’s come to light.  For those who got to know him from remixing Lido on his remix pack, get ready to get blown away.  This dude is a triple threat (sings, plays guitar, produces) and while he’s made waves behind the scenes for awhile now, it’s time to start seeing him come out from behind the curtain, or booth.

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