The Best “Eden” Flips

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At the beginning of January, HW&W Recordings artist Stwo announced he would host a competition for his fans/listeners to remix his recently released freebie, “Eden” and give them the stems to do so. Now a month later, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite flips of the tune since the Parisian producer announced his winner last week, alongside his list of the other 12 favorite runner-ups in the competition. Check out my top 3 favorite remixes with a sort description as to why below.

1). Stwo – Eden (A Sol Mechanic remix)

A Sol Mechanic is a Santa Barbra, CA based rising producer who has really made a huge impression on me after stumbling across this remix of “Eden” due to how dope it was. The dude is clearly heavily inspired by boom-bap infused electronic tunes and that’s one of my favorite styles of underground electronic music, so this one was MY personal favorite – hands down.

2). Stwo – Eden (Oshi Remix)

Close call, this one was almost my top remix of “Eden” and it was Stwo’s personal favorite, so the dude Oshi clearly killed it on this flip. The soothing atmospheric, spaced out sounds he through together on his take of the record was something out of this world, and it sounds phenomenal. Vibes for days:

3). Stwo – Eden (Pham Flip)

Last but not least, Pham puts a bouncier, more high-energy touch on Stwo’s “Eden” that really intrigued me. While everyone else seemed to mellow the original out, Pham took a left-field approach and added a middle eastern sounding lead synth, airy pads, and snapping snares – All of which come together to create another awesome remix.

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