Introducing PlanetReece & His Left/Right Remix

2207748365_f92227ee51_oLast week we profiled psyborg., the dude who got second place in our Left/Right Remix Competition, and his dope drum and bass remix. Today we’re going to focus on PlanetReece (Soundcloud), who turned in his future beat remix.  It’s one of those tunes that we didn’t hear a ton of these types of remixes and neither did we get this kind of quality either.

One thing, though, about this PlanetReece dude, is that there’s absolutely no info online about him, so thankfully he let us in on a little info about himself.  A 19-year old musician and DJ who was classically trained on the piano, he started to compose music electronically in 2010 after being inspired by Owl City’s Fireflies. Since then he has been experimenting with various genres from dubstep to chillout.

Currently, he is entering various remix competitions because it’s a great way to test creativity as well as turn composing into a more serious activity. Be on the lookout for his remix of ‘This Could Be Love’ by Borgeous and Shaun Frank in the next couple of weeks.

And keep on the lookout for more from this budding producer.  Looking forward to following his journey!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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