Fourplay Friday Vol 26

Fourplay Friday volume 26 is upon us. So as I’m writing this I’m watching the brilliant British show, Top Gear, and as my brain churns away I realize how the British changed friday around the world in a very special way. Here is the short version. In medieval times fridays where very popular day to eat fish on because Catholics where suppose to fast from meat but fish didn’t count. That is until Henry VIII met Anne Boleyn, broke off from the Catholic church and English fish eating took a nosedive. This effected the global economy so badly that Edward VI reinstated the fish fasting fridays into law. Where it remained until Pope John Paul IV loosened the rules in the 1960’s. Well I promise that this Fourplay Friday will be full of fresh and definitely not any fishy beats.

Four remixes are on the plate for this Friday. First up we have Filip remixing Honne’s, “All In The Value”. This is about as most quality you can get in a future beat track. Great vocals, beautiful synths and terrific energy all though out. Next up we have a track that has already had three other remixes featured here on this blog. However I couldn’t let my favorite FAB remix of STWO’s “Eden” go without mention. This remix has a funky beat that just won’t quit. This quality of track coming from a Parisian producer with only a couple of tracks under his belt means you are going to want to follow him early. That way when this young beat maker blows up you can say you where following him back when. The next track is one that I’ve had on constant repeat since it was dropped. Manila Killa has dropped a remix of Bearson’s first original track, “Pink Medicine”. This takes all that is good with the original version, which was quite allot, and pumps it up to a joyous fist in the air anthem for adventures in 2015. This one will stick around for a while. Last but not lease we have the return of a four on the floor track to Fourplay Friday. Tez Cadey has remixed “Save Me” by Listenbee. Normally I hold house tracks to a higher standard of scrutiny because the beats are formulaic but in this track it not only works but proves to drive the track. Bouncy synths, playful guitars and graceful vocals also accompany this driving dance tune, and gives us something to warm up for the friday night dancefloors. With that I bid you adieu until next week.

Photo: Joseph Noctum
Model: Becka Michelle

Honne – All In the Value (Filip Remix)


Bearson – Pink Medicine (Manila Killa Remix)

Listenbee – Save Me (Tez Cadey Remix)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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