Bronze Whale Begins The Hunt

artworks-000105343039-6usd83-t500x500 Bronze Whale (Facebook, Soundcloud) popped out a new remix for us today, and true to their fashion, it’s fantastic. Taking the vocals from “The Hunt” by Parasite Single (Facebook, Soundcloud), they reworked the beautiful melodies into a hybrid that straddles the house and trap genres. The huge swelling synth in the drop is a special emotional treat in sound design that keeps with Bronze Whales flair of music while showing they have the chops to keep pushing their sound forward. This track has us hungry for more and wondering what other goodness the Austin Texas duo has in store for us this year. “The Hunt” remix track is available for free through their website.

(Hype Machine)


Disclaimer: Benny Alley and Aaron Jaques (Bronze Whale) are partners of Waxhole and managed by Joseph (Noctum).

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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