argonaut&wasp Release Their Debut EP, Future Protocol

This one is all over the place, genre wise, and that’s why it’s an EP that you must listen to this weekend when you have a free hour. At times, the rising group argonaut&wasp sound similar to Phoenix, MGMT or another spacey indie rock band, while at other times they have a Kaytranada-inspired House infused vibe with sprinkles of hip-hop throughout. These dudes have an insanely versatile sound to them and for me, that goes really far. Nowadays in the music industry I feel that a heap of artists feel tied down by one genre, but not argonaut&wasp, their unique combination of sounds and genres is a bold take on music that I can’t get enough of. Stream their debut Future Protocol EP below, and get familiar with these guys because I see success on their horizon.

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Posted By: RCD

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