Wednesday Fourpack Of Goodess From GRRL Pal, OBESØN, BAILE, and Empty Minds

Frances-Cone-Baile-RemixIt could be said that I love me some indie electronic, feel good stuff. It can’t always be about the festival trap, club rumbling bass, right? Well at least for me it can’t. I need chill vibes, feel good vibes, and dancey vibes in moderation. The bouillabaisse gets ruioned by too much of one ingredient, and that’s how my music brain operates. And there are some tunes I need to share with you in that vein.

And when you have tunes from pals like BAILEGRRL Pal, and Empty Minds, as well as the always stellar OBESØN, well how can you not enjoy?

GRRL PAL, the duo out of Australia gets us started with this really airy and good vibing track, called ‘Dare’.  Not sure what the impetus for this tune is, but the message is clear.  And yes we Dare! Give the duo a follow (Soundcloud, Twitter) and give them some love!

Oh Empty Minds(Soundcloud, Facebook).  You’ve burst onto the scene and have given us such good tunes to get introduced and enjoy.  You continue to this day, even though you hinted you might take a wee break.  Can’t keep a good producer down it seems!  And I’m ok with that.

OBESØN is just…well he’s so so good.  He does what many try to do seemingly in his sleep.  Love his sound and everything he throws down.  You have more than likely been introduced to him at this point, but if you haven’t well follow (Soundcloud, Twitter), rip through his catalogue and enjoy!

Last but not least there’s our man BAILE (Soundcloud, Twitter) with another dope, downtempo and dark, without being menacing, remix. Doing what he does so well, BAILE gets lovely and deep and by the time the tune’s over you wonder why it had to end so soon!

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