Team Supreme Still So Clean

There are a lot of crews out there, and a lot of families in the music scene these days.  One of the reasons why I love music in this day and age of Soundcloud (love em or hate em), Facebook (ugh, but whatever) Skype, Mediafire, and all of the online ways that collabing and being a part of a family so so easy.  We as Waxhole are a crew and a family, and we roll deep with dope producers and artists from around the world, but what we have is different than what Team Supreme has.  Organically formed out of the LA scene where the man Preston from then Virtual Boy, and now Penthouse Penthouse, and the dude Great Dane got together on a fun project on their side that grew to homies around LA and Orange County, and has grown since April of 2011, to today where producers both established and aspiring submit beats to their weeklies.

Obviously such a hotbed of producers and in their backyard, the Team Supreme crew (the name gotten from Biggie’s verse on ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems’) started doing monthlies.  Last month, they had a show at one of their usual spots The Echoplex featuring Lindsay Lowend, AWE, Obey City, Mike Gao, Goodnight Cody, and regular TS members TK Kayembe (also part of LION KNGS with fellow TSer King Henry), and Dot.  This show, different than others, we were able to get one of our favorite photographers (and contributor to Waxhole), Jennica (check her site!) into the show to snap some pics.  The photos in this post, as well as others we’ll pop on our Facebook and Instagram show that not only is Jennica a great photographer, but the scene was a live one, as it always is (from the mouths of those who get to go on a regular basis).


One of Jennica’s observations as she snapped photos and hung with the different members of the crew validated what someone located half a country away always suspected and viewed from afar, and that is that the TS family is very tight, but very welcoming and loyal.  No matter how close the original TS fam is, they continue to bring others to the table, and mirroring the all-out inclusionist weekly beat cyphers where beats are chosen by their merit rather than the artist’s name or number of Soundcloud followers, they practice this in person as well.  Many many artists can put TS down as their crew and it would fit.  Many of the fans can also sport the merch and feel like part of the fam, because they are.  TS was built on collaboration, and that sense of community persists into 2015, almost 4 years after the first beat cypher, to their shows, to their releases, and to their openness with the fans that always listen and support.

So if you’re in LA, get yourself down to a show, and if you’re not, well then support the crew in any way you can.  They are one of the good teams in the game and I don’t want it to ever end.  Keep up with their Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter to not only catch their beat cyphers, but also news on their upcoming shows, tours, and releases.  So many artists doing so many great things, you’re bound to find something you’ll like.


And because we like showing you the music of TS whenever we can, below are a few tunes from artists who performed, as well as the latest beat cypher.  Enjoy all the noises!

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