Synaesthetik Goes In With His New Release

SynaesthetikPurpOne of the absolute joys of ‘working’ in the music scene is that you get to know many individuals who are great peoples first and foremost, but secondly they also make dope musics. In the few years that Waxhole has been really churning, we’ve seen good friends do great things, not only as artists but with their own labels, collectives, etc. This mix here, showcases not only two of these examples, but the inevitable and quite awesome convergence of the two.

Synaesthetik, a producer we got to know in the early days of our days is one of those producers whose music I have always dug and he has kept up his quality and output even as he juggles the real world aspects of having a life outside of music. From the start, to now his newest release, being released January 27th off of Damn Son, he’s been a producer I’ve loved to hear the new musics coming. Always employing heady melodies, sub tickling bass, and a switch up here and there to keep you on your toes, he’s been a great producer to keep the radar tuned to.

Damn Son, as you may know, is born of two homies out of Utah, whom we again were introduced to during the same time period. Great friends of the blog and in real life, these guys are family through and through. So when they teamed up with Synaesthetik to release this album, well it is a win win for all involved.

Synaesthetik (SOundcloud, Facebook) has been good enough to provide a mini-mix of his upcoming release so we can not only know what’s coming but for those who may not know him, to be introduced to his sounds.  Enjoy the mix, and keep your eyes peeled for the release so you can snag it and enjoy it in your waxholes.

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