Soysauce Makes A Broken Record

SoysauceYesterday, D.C. mystery production duo Soysauce announced that Royal was half of the team [Soy Boy is the other half] and has been producing their music since the start! After releasing the exciting news via their press release that also came with a new single, they went on to tell fans that they have an EP on the way, and that their debut show is coming at the end of the month at U Street Music Hall in D.C. on Jan. 22nd. The glorious new single “Broken Record” features vocals by Joni Fatora, a spacey feel-good production style, and and overall blissful vibe that’s bound to make you feel a little better about yourself by the end of the song. Soysauce’s Lunch Money EP is due out in February, in the meantime peep their debut single “Broken Record” below.

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