RoboClip & Xian Give Us That Carbeat

roboclipxianIt’s great when a new scene starts in your hood. And when your hood isn’t as vibrant as other big cities around the country or world, it’s even more dope. Enter Prime a group of people who throw some pretty excellent private parties, and throw down a pretty cool blog as well. getting some artists to deliver mixes, and exclusive tunes, as well as highlighting others, they’ve got some great taste and their movement is very welcome.

Now, they’ve teamed up with Waxhole fam, RoboClip and Xian from the DAMN SON crew, for a dope original entitled Carbeat. for me the track name is indicative of how it makes you feel. One of those tunes you throw on as you start your roadtrip on a great vibe or to accompany that weird part of any roadtrip where you and your passengers have talked a long bit and need some quiet time to enjoy the surrounds, and listen to the tunes that have been on in the background. This one serves so so well gettin that head bobbing, and that mood re-invogorated to push through that final stretch.

A great tune from some really great people and producers, being hosted by a great crew and great people makes this a win all the way around, and then some. Give all these peoples a follow and enjoy this sweet exclusive from PRIME.

PRIME – Soundcloud, Facebook
RoboClip – Soundcloud, Facebook
Xian – Soundcloud, Twitter

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