Introducing Psyborg And His Puzzle Remix

antivirusAs some of you may have known, we put on a wee little remix competition for our main man Left/Right over the Christmas break, and it was met with an astounding reponse.  Over 1,200 downloads of the stems, over 125 remixes submitted, and two months later, we picked three winners our of the group.  The dude here, Psyborg, was second overall and really threw down some great drum n bass vibes.  We didn’t get as many D n B remixes as I thought we might, given the material, but we didn’t and yet Psyborg stood out at the top, not only of the dnb remixes but many of the overall group of submissions.

Not only did psyborg get 2nd in this contest, but he’s also recently released an EP off of Waxtooth records that includes remixes from different producers taking on tunes from his ‘Malware’ release, also on Waxtooth, from last March.  Psyborg’s own remix is a different take that lightens up the mood, and opens the album right.  Also, as a bonus, check out this dope tune from last year he did with grIMP.

So enjoy the remix, the new tune of his and give him a follow on his Soundcloud, or Facebook, and support the cause by grabbing his newest release (HERE), and by all means show the dude some of that Waxhole love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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