Hype Thursday 3Pack

antennaeYou know we like to throw down threepacks on you, and why is that you may ask? Well for me it’s a quick way to clear out my To Do pile, and for you you get to hear some new tunes from either artists you already know and love or get introduced to a new artist who has more things to come.

This post has those cats you know, like Bleep Bloop, and An-Ten-Nae, as well as a couple of folks making their debuts by the name of Styles & Complete and The Insurgents.

First off, Bleep Bloop (Soundcloud, Twitter) comes at us with such a bassed out tune it has to lead it all off, right? He had a great 2014 and he’s kicking 2015 off with a bang, getting this tune off of Smog Records’ Smog City III and premiered on NestHQ. Two heavyweights combining to hype the good Reverend himself, which has us stoked!

Then there’s An-Ten-Nae who has been a little silent from us here on the blog, but that doesn’t mean he’s been silent on his end. Nah, he’s been steady crankin because that’s the only way he knows how to function. He’s taken this tune below, one of my favorites, and remixed it in his own special way and I love he did so. One of those dope tunes with his own dope spin on it making some real dopeness as a result. His newest album, Transmissions is coming, so make sure you follow him on Soundcloud and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss it!

Then we have a confluence of artists on this remix from new sensation ILOVEMAKONNEN. The duo Styles & Complete (Soundcloud, Twitter) teamed up with The Insurgents (Soundcloud, Twitter), who is one dude, by the way, to give us this great remix and y’know I ain’t mad at it.

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