Fourplay Friday Vol 24

FFSquare24 We are back with volume 24 of Fourplay Friday. This is one of those days where everything is delayed. Even this post. I had everything ready to go but the artwork and Thursday night I just shut off my brain. In fact this whole weekend might be a dive into music with my brain turned off. So to get us started, and on our way to a zen state of mind, lets look at these four great tunes.

The first is from Divise. An original tune called “Together” that puts us in the perfect place to let the music take over the noise in our minds. Next up we have Samuel Proffitt with a remix for Lia Ices song “Higher”. The buttery smoothness of this elevates you to a next level of calm. From there we can only go up with the combination of Gramatik dropping his remix of Madeon‘s “You’re On ft. Kyan”. Last up we have one of my favorite new artist, LigOne from Otodayo Records getting a energetic remix from R.O. With that I leave you in a state of energetic Zen until the next edition of Fourplay Friday.

Photo: Joseph Noctum
Model: Becka Michelle

Divise – Together

Lia Ices – “Higher” (Samuel Proffitt Remix)

You’re On ft. Kyan (Gramatik Remix)

LigOne – Complete (R.O Remix)

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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