Dope Tuesday 4Pack. Sans Alliteration

leechiYou like 4packs? Sure you do! Whether they are 4 dank cans of craft brew or 4 street tacos for $4, many good things come in 4’s. Today I gots a few tracks for your enjoyment from some homies of ours, K Theory, Leechi, and TYR, as well as an artist we’ve yet to feature til now, by the name of Empty Minds, out of Lithuania. Now you know TYR, K Theory, and Leechi from past posts of ours plus their great work on their own and it’s always a treat to feature them whenever we can.

So enjoy the tunes from old friends and done from a new artist you’ll be hearing more from soon.

First off, we’ll begin with Empty Minds (Soundcloud, Facebook), as this is a debut post for him (them?) on Waxhole. Now, since we stumbled upon the track below, he’s opened up the vaults and posted a grip of tunes on his Soundcloud that are so so good. I see a full feature coming sooooon.

Then there’s Leechi who has just dropped this single off of Do Work Records, the label run by Das Kapital and the man Tim Medcraft. Leechi’s been working steady on tunes this past year and 2015 is going to see some of that work seeing the light of day. As a fan of his from his Gravy days, he’s one of those young guns that you know is just going to get better and better, so following him now is such a treat. This tune right here is a Daft Punk sounding vibey funky tune that if this doesn’t get you dancing, well I don’t know what will. The track will be officially released on the 19th so keep your eyes peeled on Leechi’s Facebook, and Twitter as well as Do Work’s Twitter and Facebook for news of this tune and many of the great artists Do Work has in their stable.

Oh and TYR remixed Moby again? His first remix of Moby was so so good, and now he’s done it again and done so so well. Moby should just hire TYR as his official remix artist and call it a day. Hitting the new year with style, TYR (Soundcloud, Twitter) has a tune that you all need to hear and enjoy.

Then last but so definitely not least (grammar!) we have K Theory kicking off a weekly #TrinityTuesdays series of releases they’re throwing down. This one, the remix of Lil Wayne’s A Milli, is the first one and since today is Tuesday, they’ll be releasing a new one later today (woot!) to keep the series going and you enjoying. Keep it locked on K Theory’s Soundcloud and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss these #TrinityTuesdays free tunes, as well as keep up with them as they hit the road to your town.

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