Candid Dopeness

candidSo you know we love us some JNTHN STEIN.  Ever since we picked up on him via the weekly Team Supreme beat weeklies. we’ve been picking up his wildly eclectic sounds as soon s they’ve dropped.  Now his label (run with the homey Ivan Jackson), Candid Music Group (Soundcloud, Twitter), has released a compilation accurately named Fam#1.  Knowing some of the connections on this compilation (roomates with Ivan Jackson, who is also part of BrassTracks), being one of the Team Supreme roster members of which Penthouse Penthouse is a cornerstone of (along with Mr Carmack and Kenny Segal) and friends (and boroughbors with Alexander Lewis, this compilation has tons of connections.  There are, for me, a few artists I’ve never heard of or know their affiliation with STEIN (S’natra contributed to a Ivan Jackson tune), but I’m so glad for the fact that they’ve all gotten together to contribute.

Hell, for STEIN’s tune alone I’d be stoked, but to also have so many Waxhole favorites on here, and the level of dopeness in general is just a win-win.  No idea yet how frequent these compilations will come out, but as STEIN’s circle grows, we hope very frequently.

Highhlights for me, are of course STEIN’s track opening the compilation.  It may be passe to pick the opener, but man that bumpin bass juxtaposing the smooth vocals is just too dope. Then there’s the dope wonky tune from MINO MINO (Soundcloud, Twitter) which is just wonky enough to pique the interest, but so so dope you can’t help but bump to the fuzzy bass rattling around in your brainpan. Third track, though that caught me immediately was the Too Many Zooz (Soundcloud, Twitter) track that sounds like a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy out take (but that’s not a bad thing!). I am a sucker for horns, and that bass/baritone sax always gets me. Some horns get me more than others. Tenor sax not so much, but gimme that baritone and I’m all over it. I’m a picky sod…get over it!

The compilation, though, as you can see varies in vibes and sounds from track to track. Getting smoothe and rnb feels along with some wonky, and straight out funky, I think this is an apt representation of the various sounds and vibes that STEIN usually employs with his own productions. With this dope crew around him, though, how the hell could he NOT let some of these inspirations seep into his own work?

So yeah, enjoy this compy and keep an eye out for more. Follow all these artists too, because those you may not have heard of, will be doing big things before long.

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