3Pack Of Dopeness, With Left/Right, Empty Minds, & Tev Woods

tevwoodsThree tunes for your Tuesday that give you some chill, some dancing, and some overall great vibes. An old homey, a new homey, and a new producer to the blog, this threepack has something for everyone…except for that goth dude in the corner. We got nothing for him. Anyways, Left/Right out of Texas, Empty Minds out of Lithuania, and Tev Woods out of Holland give us some international flair to go along with the diverse sounds.

In some grand, but wholly unintended, timing the man Left/Right (Soundcloud, Facebook) threw down a new remix yesterday.  In the midst of sifting through all of the submissions to his remix competition we were lucky enough, he surreptitiously dropped this lovely tune.  A remix, with such a deep and grooving vibe that you can’t listen to this and not get transported to a throbbing, pulsing dancefloor, slick with spilled drinks and sweat as the lights pulsate, reducing your sight to strobed glimpses of whirling feet, bodies, and of course the ever-present head nodding, knob tweaking DJ silhouette at the front of it all.   But then, maybe that’s just me?

Empty Minds (Soundcloud, Facebook) came to us in a random digging session that produced this gem of a producer from Lithuania. Since that tune was pushed onto his Soundcloud, he has released more tunes. The newest one, featuring the lovely vocals of CAVY is indicative of the top level of his production, as well as the great vibes he is pushing out. With this influx of tunes, he’s stated he just might take a bit of a break, which would be understandable…as long as he doesn’t take too long of a break, mind.

Third in line is the dope tune from Tev Woods (Soundcloud, Twitter) and his new EP out now (HERE) and off of the superb Trapdoor Records label. Featuring the sultry vocals of Maryann, this tune will set the feels on level 11. By the way, keep an eye out for some work from Waxhole fam and Tev sooooon.

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