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culprateIn anticipation of our favorite Culprate’s album dropping on Monday, we are reaching out to a few of the musicians who added their work to the release. We love the album thoroughly and this is our way to not only dig a little deeper than just blogging about the album, as well as highlighting the artists who have contributed, not only those that we know of like ZES and Jaggi, but some we never knew.

This feature and Q&A is with ZES, the Dutch producer who not only came out with a super dope EP last week, but has been remixing and putting out originals for awhile now and they’ve all been killer. Unique in using guitar in his production, he’s done so without being heavy handed with it, but he’s done it that it fits just so perfectly. It’s a delicate dance employing live instrumentation into electronic music without it sounding a bit cheesy, and ZES does it so well every time.

So check out his album from last week (I’ve interspersed a few of the tracks from this album below), give him a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook), and look out for the Culprate album dropping on Monday featuring ZES and much more.

Waxhole: How did it come about that you were brought on to the project? Were you approached by Culprate, are you already friends, have you already worked together in the past, etc.
ZES: Me and Culprate have known each other for quite a while already although we never worked together on a track before. I had been sending him ZES stuff for a while and he liked it. After a while we both got the idea to make a track together during the summer holidays. Eventually it took us about five days in John’s studio to create the entire track from scratch.

Waxhole: How did the creation process play out, what pieces of the puzzle did you provide? Some of these tracks seem to have MANY collaborates involved, any insight into that process would be amazing.
ZES: Working with someone as professional as Culprate is different than how I usually work on tracks. Things have to be more perfect than what I’m used to, producing at 96k. We started off by creating a solid beat and variations to that, after that we started recording atmospheric elements, me playing the guitar, some claps, noises etc. After the recording we played around with the samples a lot, chopping, reversing and layering effects on top to give it an experimental touch.  John is an absolute beast at creating synth sounds in Ableton, his work on the lead synths design in the track was awesome to witness and incredible to hear in the end result.

Waxhole: Tell me a little about your current solo work, upcoming releases, etc.
ZES: My current solo work is taking me a lot of places. I really am amazed by the reception of the Hindsight EP that got released a week ago. Reactions have been so incredible it’s still hard for me to fathom it all.  I have many new tracks in the works but I can’t get into detail on this yet.

Waxhole: I personally feel like there’s a lot of exciting shifts happening across the genre board right now and I’d love to know who’s got you excited about music these days?
ZES: I believe there is a lot of interesting musicians around in the scene at the moment. My musical taste reaches all across the board. I personally really dig the work of Haywyre, Flume, Karma Kid, Karenn, James Blake, PATH, Lemontrip, Keluar and of course Culprate.

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