ZES And That Wonderful Hindsight

ZESTastemaker Music is a term I like to use when describing music that helps producers and listeners get exposed to and gain a better understanding of the different soundscapes a genre has to offer.

ZES, an enigmatic artist from Holland, rightfully falls under this category as his newly released Hindsight EP wonderfully inspires the listeners throughout its entirety. I found myself fully captivated by wonderfully crafted tracks that twist and turn on you with the most blissful and experimental of musical arrangements.

At the start of every song, ZES does an incredible job of creating an atmosphere that listeners can just let themselves sink into. You’re immediately spellbound at the beginning only to have ZES take you by the ear as he quickly transforms each song into characters with their own flavorful style. He’s able to take listeners on a journey where the road leads to warm melodies, eerie guitar picks, and highly energetic pieces and by the time you’ve reached the EP’s finale, you’re left yearning for more. Keep an ear open for this up and coming producer because I feel like we’ll be going on more sweet-sounding adventures with him soon.

Posted By: The Brain

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