Wednesday 4-Pack Of feel Good Tunes

So 4 tunes for your Wednesday. if your Wednesday is as shitty as mine thus far, you need some pickmeup tunes. So you get four. These are doin the trick, though, I must say. You all know ZHU, and probably Goldlink. If you’ve followed this blog for any stretch of time, you will know EASY GIRL, and Eest Coast. Then there is Ahh Ooh, who, you know form our posts of the dope dope Hebinomichi crew. But a new one for us, is GRRL Pal, out of Perth. Oh you’re having THAT kind of bad day? Well let me get a great mix from the dude (and another Perthian(?)) Jia Lih he did this week. Ok now you’re set so enjoy the tunes and if you need words about these artists, you can also read below. And just in case their Wednesday is as shitty as mine and yours…ok maybe just mine then, give them a follow on their respective social media outlets and show them some of that good good lovin’.

First off is a tune from favorites EASY GIRL and Eest Coast. Two artists who are at very different stages of their careers and lives, but who are brought together by sheer awesomeness, and by the homies at Shoeboxx Recordings. So the tune itself is a remix of a tune from Eest Coast’s forthcoming EP and features the vox of Critter, who does this tune so so good. Or is it the production that lends itself so well to the vocals? I believe it’s a great balance. CRITTER’s vocals sandwiched between Eest Coast and EASY GIRLS’s production is just where some nice vocals belong. Whether you just got a terrible mental image of an EASY GIRL-Eest Coast sandwich, well I can’t help you with that. The LA based EASY GIRL, and the North eastern based Eest Coast may be on two oppo sides of a country, but they came together so so nice on this one.

Then there’s Ahh-Ooh whose tune is so huge it defies your shitty headphones, you plebe. Oh but you have beefy cans that can handle the noise and the waves? You good then. But you incredulous ones, do not think this tune is some whispy synthline that draws out over a few switch ups and beat transitions. This tune is a fuckin banger, with hints of not only the wavey goodness we know from Ahh-Ooh, but is that, is that a 4 to the floor beat in there too? This tune has got so many levels I’m not sure which one to tackle first. so I won’t try to pick at it layer by layer. Instead, I’m going to enjoy the whole thing and to the fullest. if you don’t know Ahh-Ooh (Soundcloud, Twitter) yet, get to know the Hebinomichi goodness demands to be heard. because his work on the solo tip along with

Then, the new Aussie duo, GRRL PAL who came across in our submissions, and I’m so glad they took the time because they are indeed worth the listen and the post. One of those duo’s that presents production and vocals (not sure the division of labor between Danny K, and Jay, but I’ll find that out soon), and gives us much more than just some of that stale indie dance stuff that has a Casio beat laid down with a stale synth line over top, this stuff has meat on it’s bones. Indie dance, that’s fine. Synth Pop, ok sure. but good? Absolutely! This tune is the second in their quest to release a tune a month til the end of 2015, so give them a follow on their Soundcloud and Twitter, and buckle up for the ride!

ZHU needs no intro. The dude who has taken the world by storm without so much as giving us much of a hint as to who he is pairs up with Goldlink to give us this mash up of some sheer dopeness. You hear the Thong Song? yes you do. Did you think that would happen this morning? Nah you sure didn’t. So enjoy this one, because it’s there for just that. Head nod, and smirk, and when the piano kicks in, do the Stevie Wonder, because how can you not?

Then Jia Lih’s mix as a bonus. Glad you scrolled down to check this because it is 25 minutes of pure vibes. Jia Lih (Soundcloud, Twitter) is comin, ya’ll. You best get ready because 2015 has much in store from the dude, and I, for one, cannot wait to see what it brings. The mix itself brings together some tunes he’s been digging on, and he gets down to business right outta the box with a mystery tune of his own with the opening track. from then you know you’re in for a great ride.

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