Wednesday 3Pack From Busdriver, Ivan Jackson, & IMLAY

busdriverThree random tunes dropped these past couple of days and I just had to pick them up and post them this morning. The sounds are varied, as are the artists (one a grizzled veteran, one up and coming, and one so very fresh and new, the smell of baby powder is still fresh), but the quality remains at a constant good level.

Ivan Jackson from the unique and dope Brasstracks gives us this tune featuring S’natra and Synead. Employing vocals as well as a smaller compliment of horns than you might expect from Brasstracks, this tune has it all. A polyglot of sounds and styles, you’ll get your musical itch scratched wherever it might be with this tune.

Imlay remixes the one tune of Britney Spears that I fuck with and does it with serious aplomb. New artist, 1 tune, and now I wonder if this is an alias. One tune as dope as this hints that there has been previous work done. But who knows, maybe this guy/chic is just that good! Whatever the case, I’m following now.

Busdriver’s tune from his album from back in September gets retreated by Greyhat and now features a few guests in Milo, Open Mike Eagle, and Terra Lopez. I’m usually not one to proclaim remixes better than the originals, but I’d have to say that this is the case here. Taking NOTHING away from the original, of course, but this treatment is so very dope.

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