Tuesday Twosome With BrassTracks & Grumby

brasstracksA couple of tracks for your Tuesday afternoon. Two tunes from a group we’ve featured before in BrassTracks, and Grumby (Soundcloud, Twitter), a production duo out of NY that we haven’t but we should’ve! Dunno how that has happened, but today we right that wrong and whatever the case, one thing remains the same….Both are artists whom we are always quick to pick up whatever they throw down.

Grumby keeps doin good things, and as fans, we win every time they drop a tune. The duo who has made quite the splash in 2014 whether through their production or their Half-Bad podcast, and they are continuing to push boundaries and plenty of buttons in their quest to shunt off the incessant need to classify them in any sort of genre.  Sure they have a recognizable vibe, but vibes and genres are so so very different.  Give me vibe over genre every time.

BrassTracks continues to be bosses at everything they do.  covering tunes, or adding their flavor to a collab is something that we should all love.  If you like horns, (and oh my dear baby jesus I DO!), this project is right up your alley. This tune right here employs some of the elements we love about his solo project, but a heaping dose of what we love with BrassTracks. AND, as if this wasn’t good enough, he’s collab’d with Alexander Lewis on this tune to add another dope layer to it.  and, by the way, this isn’t the first time they’ve collabed with a dope producer in his own right.  Remember that track they did with JNTHN STEIN?  Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that these collabs need to keep happening.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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