Tuesday ThreePack From CoMa, Galvanix, & Bleep Bloop

premiere-bleep-bloop-10-watt-lasersThree tunes for you! Not much else you need to know but go down a little and give the tunes a listen! The tunes are from folks you know if you’ve read the blog for any amount of time. Galvanix, CoMa, and Bleep Bloop all have different feelings for their tunes but they’re all so good.

Galvanix (Soundcloud, Twitter) goes so melodic with this tune, selected as part of STYLSS ongoing series of gathering singles to showcase from artists in the ever expanding STYLSS family. It’s one of those tunes, as friends of Galvanix’s shows that he is focusing less on DJing and striving to become a better producer, and the evolution is happening. This tune is a primo example of that evolution and I’m excited to see where it leads.

Ok I’ma just warn you that this tune is 20 minutes long. Yes this is one tune, not a minimix or anything of that sort. It’s 20 minutes of CoMa (Soundcloud, Facebook) singing over a nice NIN style synth line and minimalist beat. Now you might think that this tune is going to be 20 minutes of one beat, with no changes, no variations or anything but that would be a false assumption. And before you give this a tl;dl (too long, didn’t listen) or go DJ listen and skip ahead to the peaks in the soundwave, let me just say you’ll be missing why this tune is so dope. I enjoy long songs that draw you in, take you on a journey then leave you with a sense of adventure when you’re done. This one does that in spades.

Then there’s our favorite Reverend, the inimitable, the indomitable, Bleep Bloop (Soundcloud, Twitter). Laid up right now with pneumonia (give him some extra love) he dropped this EP via DJ Shadow’s label Liquid Amber (Get it for free HERE). This tune just shows you that the whole thing is dope, and so Bleep Bloop, you can’t really Bleep Bloop much more. Love him and have for long time, and it’s so awesome to see him getting recognition via DJ Shadow and his label.

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