Thriftworks is the Fadest

a3716925371_10 Thriftworks (Facebook, Soundcloud) has been releasing a masterful project over the past month. It started November 3rd with Fade, a fourteen track album that was the first of three. Then on the seventeenth he dropped Fader a thirty-three track and the second of three. Today, less than a month later, we get the third and final installment of this massive undertaking, Fadest. This ten track album is filled with all the bleeps, blaps and swung tempo beats that we have come to love and expect from Thriftworks. There are a couple of great collaborations on this as well, one featuring Russ Liquid and another featuring Bläp Dëli.

All said and done a great way to round out a three album collection. Also a great testament to the hard work that Thriftworks puts into his music with a grand total of fifty-seven tracks between the three albums released all in one month. All three albums are available on his bandcamp for a pay what you want price. So if you haven’t scooped up these jewels yet. Head over here and show Thriftworks some appreciation for all his hard work.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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