Rosegold plays With Sterling Flow’s Heart

artworks-000099086875-qarsjo-t500x500 Who is Sterling Flow? According to his Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp, and Twitter he’s a 19 year old that makes music.

I got the heads up about a brand new track today called “One Big Heart (Rosegold Remix)”, Rosegold (Facebook, Soundcloud) is an equally mysterious producer out of Brooklyn. I’ve listened to the track about 10 times now to just trying to catch all the subtle aural nuances. I think I could listen to it 10 more times and still not fully grasp the dynamics of this hauntingly beautiful track. “One Big Heart (Rosegold Remix)” incorporates big beats that gracefully weave in and out of seraphic vocals. You don’t just listen to this track, you inhale it.

So grab the split EP in it’s entirety HERE and enjoy!

Posted By: Mimibug

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