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Royal is one of our favorite producers here at Waxhole (remember this one?  or this one?), everything he put’s his »

Some Fridays it’s painful because your having to wait for the party. Other Fridays it’s painful because you started the »

If your Thursday wasn’t turnt up yet, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some brand new goodness! Here’s a »

Jerry Folk has gifted us with his first ever original! The 19-year-old has been on fire this year with multiple »

Here’s some new funkiness from Griz that’ll get your hump day bumpin! A Fine Way To Die crosses genre boundaries »

We had a three pack yesterday, remember? Well we’re doing it again because y’know what, that much dope music is »

So Matta has been busy guys.  They’ve been one of those artists that we’ve dug since the emergence of dubstep »

Earlier today, Tokyo Megaplex and Kuh-Lida tag-teamed a new collaborative release titled “Fuzzy Dice” and it’s a wild ride of »

Three tunes for you! Not much else you need to know but go down a little and give the tunes »

Up and coming Australian R&B singer MAÏA (Soundcloud, Twitter) seriously deserves your attention. She recently released a beautiful new single »

GEOTHEORY’s remix of Herzeloyde’s “Phanboy” is chock full of wubz. Far from the fax-machine mating calls of dubstep past, this heavily »

In our appreciation for the newest Culprate release we’ve done a series of three interviews with the contributing artists to »

The lads of Libations & Oscillations have put out a great little EP of fun mashups and remixes that are »

The weekend has once again arrived! Here in Texas we’re getting in the holiday mood by wearing shorts and grilling »

In anticipation of our favorite Culprate’s album dropping on Monday, we are reaching out to a few of the musicians »

Oh it’s Friday. Time for a little Fourplay. What a week it has been and the sooner this weekend gets »