Matta Giving Presents

Das HeavySo Matta has been busy guys.  They’ve been one of those artists that we’ve dug since the emergence of dubstep they were at the forefront of the good stuff.  Amazing sound design, and those crazy sounds they’d get out of their machines were always what drew us to them.  They were remixing and were throwing down originals and really getting us enjoying dubstep even into the days when it wasn’t cool anymore.  And they’re still doing the dope stuff, as witnessed below.  We first brought Matta to you back in early 2012, but the tune that hooked us and never let us go (and is still so fucking good, and included below), was the one they did with Hecq (who also worked with Trifonic so well on his album. I mean, 3 years old, and how can you go wrong with that???

Now granted we lost touch with them for a bit for one reason or another (dubstep fatigue maybe?), but we’re back and we’re digging once again.  This year that is 2014 has seen them launch their own label, Das Heavy, and release a few EP’s on there.  Some dubstep tunes, some garagey 2 step tunes and even some bass driven remixes.  They’re all over the board and with their innate talent that only means one thing.  Whatever genre, or BPM they explore the tunes will come out golden.

So check these two tunes they’re giving out for free and re-discover Matta (Soundcloud, Official Site) with us, and if you’ve never left, then even more props to ya’s!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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