Luboku & Hosaia Greeting Us At Dawn

LubokuLast week we introduced you all to the Aussie duo Luboku & Hosaia, two guys (production and vocals respectively) who teamed up after meeting up on a chance encounter that given 5 minutes or so later would have never happened, and given us this dreamy and tidy 3 track EP (HERE).  This EP serves as an introduction to the two artists as they both have solo work ready to drop in the coming months, and while this is exciting to anticipate, we can’t help but hope that they team up for some more collaborations.  I believe as they see the reaction, this will happen.  Two good artists who are too good to stay apart for long, there will be more tunes and there will be more interest.

So check out the two tunes below (and revisit the 3rd tune) and cop the EP HERE for your listening pleasure.  Oh and follow Luboku (Soundcloud, Facebook), and Hosaia (Soundcloud, Facebook) for their solo work to come.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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