Libations & Oscillations Serving Up A Cocktail

cocktailssquareA few weeks ago we featured an exclusive and quite dope mashup from the lads of Libations & Oscillations (Soundcloud, Twitter), combining Missy Elliott, Kai Wachi, Squnto, and Gold Top in such a fun tune you couldn’t help but get up and move.  But that tune was one that just didn’t fit the vibe with the EP it was fleshed out for (perhaps a bit too high energy?).  Releasing on the 8th here on the blog, the EP is coming at you on the 8th featuring some fun mashups including artists such as Trentemoller, Koan Sound, Bro Safari & UFO, The Roots, and Thievery Corporation (among more) that if that amalgamation of artists didn’t pique your interest just a teeny bit, well I don’t know how to help you.

And because we can’t wait to show you the tunes, we’re giving you one today to whet that appetite and get you looking forward to next Monday (not many times you get to look forward to a Monday, eh?).  This tune, one of the easiest mashups involving just the two artists we love, The Wknd, and Evil Nine (with plenty of L&O magic added), is the chillest of the bunch, and it’s so so nice, and one to get down to, either on your lonesome with your headphones, or in the darkness with your bae.

Listening to this tune, as well as the others when they drop, it is plain to see why they included them in their live sets.  Good for many different types of shows/parties they play at in and around Austin, these tunes kill every time.  So while the track plays, close your eyes and just think of these two dudes spinnin an outdoor set under the stars and maybe, just maybe you’ll get a sense of how this tune came about.  Oh and you want the tune to have and to hold?  Well on the 8th, you’ll get this and three more dope ones to have and to hold.

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