Libations & Oscillations Provide All The Cocktails

CocktailsThe lads of Libations & Oscillations have put out a great little EP of fun mashups and remixes that are present in many of their sets and shows. If you’ve seen them live or know how they work, when they play a show, they do not just cue up one song to transition into the other. No, they take mixes to a whole new level and mix together tunes that you might not ever think would go together but they do. Bringing in The Roots’ track ‘Glitches’ & Mr. Lif’ from Thievery Corporation’s track ‘Culture of Fear’ to layer over Trentemoller is just too good. You add in their third member, the beautiful and intoxicating Bijou KaBoom who spins and whirls with her belly dancing grace and ease accompanying the music to a T.

And the 4 tracks are all this type of collection of tunes that bring together those different styles and vibes. Showcasing not only the duo’s encyclopedic knowledge of tunes, but their absolute professionalism and ease that comes with years of playing out. The talent too obviously plays a large part and they have that in spades. Talking to these two cats will unearth equal parts philosophical and technical studio talk.

So get to know the L&O dudes (Soundcloud, Twitter), enjoy this EP and show them some love. And if you’re in or around Austin be sure to see these guys whenever/wherever they set up shop. Their shows are worth it on many different levels.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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