Haze Lane Is Too High To Go Home

Haze Lane is a new name for me, and maybe for you today. However, knowing that he’s a producer from before (Ghost Town), makes sense that not only is the EP really good, but it’s not a first effort. Different from his previous EP on his other name (which I also dug), this one isn’t too completely different. Although the name change, one thing remains constant: vibes are felt with his production.

As for the EP, released off RAW Records, it succeeds in creating some synth heavy atmosphere, employing some 808’s and some ethereal sounds, instruments, and samples to really bring you into a sexy place whether you like it or not.

So enjoy the EP, get to know (or get re-introduced) to Haze Lane (Soundcloud, Twitter) and show him some love!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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