Grynpyret’s Tamagotchi

grynpyretI’ve got an awesome treat for all you Waxhole listeners out there. Grynpyret (possibly pronounced grinnin’ pirate? Your guess is as good as mine) has dropped his latest track, Tamagotchi and I’ve got to say that it’s a damn fine piece of furious and bubbly electro.

The track’s intricately woven samples played over jazzy progressions come rushing at you like sound waves set to crash against your ears. You can’t help yourself but get soaked in all the fine noises that surround you, especially when the samples themselves call back to the sounds of our childhood – many of us remember all too well the beckoning chirps of our always hungry, forever pooping, and ungrateful Tamagotchi pets. For those of you who don’t know what Tamagotchis are, they were these tiny, handheld mini games that had you playing caretaker to these 8-bit pets. Whenever they wanted your attention, they would beep at you with a sweet and very short melody – and no matter how carefully you’d look after them, they would always end up dead.

Despite being reminded that I would definitely make an awful digital parent, Grynpyret’s Tamagotchi is a sweet reminder of a past life many of us had. With all its elements, listening to this wonderful piece of experimental music was the most fun I’ve had all week.

Posted By: The Brain

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