Dat KNDL Nu Nu

KNDL Cover TemplateKNDL is a name you might not have heard before.  But, if you’ve been reading the blog you definitely would have.  Bursting onto our scene in another outstanding Weekend THiNK Tank, and his tune ‘Space Kid’, he’s appeared again with a few more tunes (‘Bittersweet’, & ‘Drive Slow’) and we continue to love it all.   Now, he has graciously given us the opportunity to host one of his originals here as an exclusive.

This track, shows that the wavey elements he employed with his past works continue into this one and we’re stoked to not only have some of the elements that brought us in as fans, but he’s not just sticking to that vibe.  He’s growing with each track, not resting, and growing. For an artist that is key to development and honing the craft. For a fan, that makes me happy. Staying in one style isn’t a bad thing, per se, but I do enjoy when an artist I dig starts pushing at those boundaries. And even though this tune isn’t full on experimental, the steps forward are there for all to see.

So check the tunes below, give KNDL (Soundcloud, Twitter) a follow and show him some love. We are happy for the chance to give this track, and him a home and are looking for much more to come!

And as a bonus check another dope original, “Twitch’ from the dude as well as a remix from his back catalogue that I personally cannot get enough of.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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