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culprateCulprate is and has been one of our favorite artists for awhile now (since 2011!), and his progression and evolution has been a joy to watch. His latest album, ‘Deliverance’ (preorder HERE) is a fantastic piece of work that I cannot stop listening to (funders of this album via Indiegogo got a sneak peek).  It is such a great piece of work that employs multiple musicians, we decided that talking with them about the album would be a great way to not only highlight the album, but also highlight these amazing artists hat have added pieces of their craft to the tunes.

This one focuses on a guy we’ve also been following for a long time ever since he came out with this stunner with Polar Snares and is still so so dope.  He’s got a unique voice and he produces too!  Check out the tune he contributed to and while you enjoy, read up on what Jaggi has been doing since we last covered him over 2 years ago.

Waxhole: How did it come about that you were brought on to the project? Were you approached by Culprate, are you already friends, have you already worked together in the past, etc.
Jaggi: I’ve known John (Culprate) for a fairly long time now, we both grew up in the same town and so we have loads of the same friends. We actually went to the same college, but didn’t know each other at that point in time. It was roughly 6 years ago that we met at one of the nights he had put on and then we became friends from then onwards.
It was around 12-18 months ago that John asked if I would be interested in doing some vocals for one of his tracks as he had heard the tracks I did with Polar Snares.
I didn’t know however that the vocals I recorded at my studio would be part of this album until he sent me over more info for the album.

Waxhole: How did the creation process play out, what pieces of the puzzle did you provide? Some of these tracks seem to have MANY collaborates involved, any insight into that process would be amazing.
Jaggi: The track that I recorded the vocals for was Whispers Part 1 and during the initial stages of it I recorded so many different vocal takes which were counter parts and harmonies for Koda’s vocals. For this I recorded all the same melody lines, hooks and harmonies whilst saying every vowel and ended up sending over a massive library of recordings that he ended up using on several other tracks on the album.
In terms of other musicians and collaborations, I have a big social group of musician friends that i’ve grown up with and so when Culprate asked if I knew anyone, I suggested and arranged for them to be part of the album.

Waxhole: Tell me a little about your current solo work, upcoming releases, etc.
Jaggi: I’ve been working on loads of music personally as well as producing and recording other albums under a different alias to Jaggi Music.  Back in August last year, I was looking at ways of refreshing my direction and goals as an artist, I ended up coming up with the name Faroese (Soundcloud, Facebook) which is pronounced Pharaoh-Ease and have been producing under this alias ever since.  I’m currently working on two solo EP’s which I plan to finish and send to labels at the start of the new year and hope to have previews out for them not long after.  I’m also currently working on a Christmas remix as well as some remixes for friends.

I’m also part of the Eventually Collective which me, my brother Suplington and best friend Sanatan setup together. We have a regular slot on every Wednesday from 2-4pm, we host our own nights at different venues in London such as the Silver Bullet & Inspiral Lounge and should have a compilation out next year.

Waxhole: I personally feel like there’s a lot of exciting shifts happening across the genre board right now and I’d love to know who’s got you excited about music these days?
Jaggi: I couldn’t agree more about the genre shifts, there’s such a crossing over of styles and genres now. I feel we are in a very exciting time musically and creatively.
In terms of who’s got me excited musically, here are some artists i’m feeling: Culprate, Tipper, Deft, Floating Points, Sunny Levine, Shigeto, K15, the music coming from Bradley Zero & the Rhythm Section releases, Nils Frahm, Richard Skelton, Matthew Halsall, Mammal Hands, Archie Pelago, Gantz, Kahn, Taylor Mcferrin, Suplington, Sanatan, Alphabets Heaven and many more.

Just want to say thank you to all the people and readers of the Waxhole and to Culprate for the album that I feel privileged to be part of.
All the best.
Jaggi (Faroese)

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