Cain’s ‘Savan’ Is So So Good

CainI have been waiting on this release for so long, you guys. Ever since I found Cain (Soundcloud, Twitter) I have been truly excited and thrilled for every new tune he drops. First it was the wonderful ‘Gathering’ EP almost 2 years ago, then the captivating Mora, and with a slew of remixes, mixes (check out the one he did for us!), and other bits and bobs in between (including a random but quite dope spot on TrailerTV!), he’s finally released ‘Savan’, and like the other releases, this does not disappoint at all.

So why do I love Cain’s music so much? Well it involves eclectic and worldly vibes that bring on so many different atmospheres it’s tough to choose which one to sink into. But with subsequent listens and subsequent discoveries within the tunes, you find the right place, and you then cannot stop listening. Tribal and ethnic, might be some adjectives you would throw around, but when you hear the pure and unadulterated bass trembles hit your chest cavity you realize you are not in the middle of some dusty ethnographic album detailing some lost tribe in Papua New Guinea. and listening to these tunes you might not realize that the one who has produced the tunes is sitting in a comfy chair beside a roaring fire, a single malt in one hand, a book of Schopenhauer in the other, as the rain pelts the shutters outside his Inverness abode.

But however you choose to envision the producer, make sure you do one thing, and that is to enjoy this EP to the fullest. Including a few remixes from Morgan Zarate and slackk, you get your listening pleasure sorted. And if this is your first blush with Cain, do yourself a favor and go though his back catalogue for his past works. Mora is such a wonderful EP, for example, and this one is a wonderful follow-up.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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