Bronze Whale Has Fun With Water Gun


Disclosure: Bronze Whale are managed by Waxhole’s editor, Noctum

Those Bronzies are up to it again. Yesterday premiered a new remix from the indietronic duo of Bronze Whale (Facebook, Soundcloud). This time they tackled the Brass Knuckles (Facebook, Soundcloud) tune “Water Gun” featuring John Ryan and turned it from an electro house banger into something between trap and future. All the while keeping the pure melodic deliciousness that we have come to recognize in the Bronze Whale Sound. While we’ve enjoyed the chiller tracks that the Austin duo has offered up before, this one is a bit more energetic and uplifting. What can make you feel really good is with the like to download price it will be a nice gem to add to your collection.

Snag the Free Download HERE


Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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