Ark Patrol Is Coming

Ark Patrol (Soundcloud, Twitter), an artist that has been on my radar for awhile (but oddly enough not posted much on here…sorry!), is releasing a great album off of Heroic Records on December 15th (Pre-Order HERE).  But why am I talking to you right now about that?  Well that’s because he doesn’t want us to go wanting for another 2 weeks and is giving us some advanced tuneage to tease the album, as well as string us along willingly with the new goodness.

The tunes below are the intro and the first full song from the album, and given to you FREE. Bringing in some pretty dope video game sounds (trying to guess the game and I can’t think of what it is) in the intro might hint that you’re in for some chip tune goodness. But when the tune ‘Infinity’ drops you know instantly that while the video game noises might make an appearance here and there, this is definitely not going to be overloaded and suffocated by the sounds.

And the tune itself is a fantastic glimpse of the album to come. Listening to the two tunes is like walking into an old school arcade bustling with people mashing away at the buttons, and the games dutifully replying with their 8-Bit language. Then when you get to the lone dusty arcade game on the back wall that nobody’s playing. The secret doorway to a backroom where the luscious sounds of Ark Patrol’s production sweeps over you washing away the 8-Bit, 2 Dimensional feel of the arcade, and enveloping you with his atmosphere. At least that’s how it hit me.

Over a month ago he dropped the tune ‘Sun’, also below, as the first tease that an album was coming. Paired with ‘Infinity’, you know you have definitely got to hear the entire thing when it drops on the 15th.

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