Ark Patrol Drops That Voyager

ArkPatrolYou all remember Ark Patrol? Sure you do! A few weeks ago we posted a few tracks from the album that dropped yesterday (HERE) via Heroic Recordings, and now we get the whole enchilada. While the few tracks posted a few weeks ago were great introductions to the album, having it all in front of us is greatness. A couple of tunes from the end of the album are below and they flesh out the niceness that was teased before.

Ark Patrol is an artist that you need to know about. Hailing from Hawaii, he’s getting his sounds off the islands and heard around the world, which isn’t always easy. Immensely talented, and with great vision, he’s put this album out to put a wonderful cherry on top of a great 2014. A few remixes, a few originals, and now this album of all originals (which unfortunately is a dying breed these days) gets everyone fully introduced to the artist and more than ready for what’s to come in 2015.

So give him a follow (Soundcloud, Twitter), to keep up to date, and by all means, go cop this album (HERE)!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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