Ain’t Nothin’ Hush About This EP

lemotiHushLeMoti have released an album this week off of the dope Sleeveless Records (run by the good dude Stylust Beats) and it’s quite dope. Now, these tunes may be a bitt different than what you’ve come to be used to from the duo out of Pittsburgh, but one thing you must know about LeMoti. They are diverse in anything they do. While they’re great producers, they also are all over the map in what they dig and what they put into their music.

The first tune, featuring Beedie is your first taste of that, and you’re steady head bobbin not only on this tune but throughout the release. The second tune ‘Hush Money’ is some heavy stuff that I’d expect the label’s founder to make, but am happy to see the LeMoti dudes do too. Now, once you get to the tune, ‘Keys’ you will hear a song reminiscent of their older chill stuff. For me, I like ’em whether they’re chill, funky, or bangin’, so the different styles and vibes are great for me. Seeing the early response, too, it seems as if it isn’t just me who digs this about LeMoti. Oh, and then you get to the tune with Knight Riderz, you get the dopeness you’d expect from these three artists getting together.

The confluence of vibes on this release (chill – Allegheny, heavy bass – Monongahela) to create one great EP is fitting from the Pittsburgh duo. There ends my attempt to bring together a regional Pittsburgh reference into the post. How did I do?

So check the tunes below, and cop your copy HERE, and if this is your first blush with LeMoti (Soundcloud, Facebook, or Twitter if you want to see us talk hockey)

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